Birthdate: October 10th, 1988
Hometown:  Cleveland, OH

Growing up in an area with negative influences all around him, Wyatt knew early on that he wanted to achieve more for himself and his family. Wyatt and his father had a passion for racing, and at age 10, with the purchase of a $500 go kart, Wyatt’s career began.

Racing did not come easy. In fact, Wyatt’s father struggled to support their hobby in the early stages. While battling through these difficulties, Wyatt realized that success was not going to come easily. The desire for more challenging competition led Wyatt and his father to compete on a larger scale, and supporters started to take notice of his ability.

While working to hone his skill off the track, Wyatt discovered the growing world of simulated computer racing. His desire to always improve his craft eventually led him to become one of the best sim racers in the world. In 2009 he was the first person ever to be awarded a manufacturer funded ride in professional auto racing competition as a result of his achievements on computer simulations.

Wyatt won the opportunity, out of thousands who tried, to compete in the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Championship. He managed victories in two races that year, and was ultimately named Rookie of the Year. The following year he starred in a documentary on the Discovery channel.

Since 2011 Wyatt has been competing in professional formula car competition. After winning all four F1600 series races he competed in with Quantum Racing Services, he became a finalist for the Team USA Scholarship, as well as being ranked the #1 Formula Ford driver in the united states. (

Progressing to the two liter formula cars in the F2000 Championship Series for 2012, again with Quantum Racing Services, Wyatt finished second in the standings, winning two races along the way, and taking Rookie of the Year honors for a second time.


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